William A. Douglass: Mr. Basque

Center for Basque Studies

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William A. Douglass: Mr. Basque


For Basques around the world, Mr. Basque is the public face of the University of Nevada, Reno's Basque Studies Program, which a president of the Basque Country described as a "candle in the night" for the Basques during the long years of the Franco dictatorship; for the Basques of the American West (and indeed the Americas) he is the author who brought their experience to the light of day in his acclaimed book Amerikanuak: Basques in the New World; for Nevadans he is a lifelong resident, a shrewd casino operator, and a member of a true Nevada pioneering family; and for his fellow anglers and sportsmen he is a steady companion on adventures around the world. Through these pages, the result of more than ten years of interviews between the author, Miel Elustondo, and William A. Douglass, "Bill," the reader experiences a candid and vivid portrait of life spent in constant motion: searching for lizards in the high desert as a boy, starting a family on a shoestring, establishing a reputation in academia, participating in brokering the end of violence in the Basque Country, and much, much more...

ISBN 978-1-935709-28-2

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