Violence and Communication

Center for Basque Studies

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Violence and Communication
Current Research No. 8

Combining the terms "violence" and "communication" is a difficult, complex, incomplete, and perhaps impossible task, yet Violence and Communication seeks to demonstrate both generic and particular aspects of the expression and representation of violence. In a general sense, this expression and representation of violence. In a general sense, the expression and its consequences are explored in diverse global historical examples of violent events including the Holocaust, the genocide in Rwanda, and 9/11, as well as in thematic issues such as women and sexuality, poverty and inequality, and the Internet and violence. In a more particular sense, the work also addresses terrorist violence in the Basque Country, exploring specific topics such as its psychological effects in society and discursive consequences in the print media and on television. The book examines the representation of these different forms of violence in both the visual media (film, television, and photography) and the printed word (newspapers, literature, and so on). In short, the work attempts to visualize what have been often non-visible forms of violence, as well as critically analyze the multiple ways in which violence is represented and communicated.

ISBN 978-1-935709-22-0

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