Future Is Ours, The

Center for Basque Studies

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Future Is Ours, The

 The voice heard in The Future Is Ours is that of the author of the Ibarretxe Plan and the PNV-EAJ's most recent lehendakari (president) of the Basque Autonomous Community. It is rendered here by the journalist Koldo Ordozgoiti with sensitivity and accuracy. The most important current historical events of the Basque Country - from the lehendakari's dramatic appearance before the Spanish Cortes (Congress of Deputies) to the terrible terrorist bombings in Madrid of May 11, 2004 - are seen through Ibarretxe's singular perspective. In addition, the former lehendakari shares the political thought that shaped his most important actions and, in an epilogue, makes clear the core ideas of his political stance for the Basque Country's future. 



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