Joanes or the Basque Whaler: Whale Island

Joanes or the Basque Whaler: Whale Island

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Second book in the Joanes or the Basque Whaler trilogy! 

"The core of the legendary and mythological beliefs of the Basques is made up of various genies or divinities that adopt the forms and shapes of animals."  --J. M. Barandiaran

This installment of the Joanes trilogy finds the captain and crew of the intrepid flying whaleboat venturing even farther afield in search of the legendary whales. Their search brings them to the shores of the New World in this second volume of the Joanes trilogy.

"Following on with the idea of Joanes as an anti-hero, his fame and fortune grows along with his notoriety as a blasphemous and impious drunk. This defect will ultimately become his demise, something quite real, human and flawed, characteristically lacking in most heroes.

"This second volume represents a turning point in the narrative: its climactic point of highest tension is provided before the solution or conclusion." --Guillermo Zubiaga


ISBN 978-1-935709-11-4