Fifteen Days in Urgain

Fifteen Days in Urgain

  • $15.00

By Jose Antonio Loidi Bizkarrondo

Translated by Nere Lete

When the skeleton of a murdered woman is found in the graveyard of the small Basque village of Urgain the town races to find the murderer in their midst. Armed with a meticulous mind, Detective Garaidi is just hte man to discover what secrets lie buried in Urgain. With the help of the town's chatty innkeeper and the old gravedigger, Garaidi unravels a twisting plot, and discovers that the village's residents have more to hide than originally meets the eye. In Nere Lete's masterful translation of Jose Antonio Loidi Bizkarrondo's novel, the first traditional detective novel ever published in the Basque language, the characters and their stories come to life for the first time for an English readership as they have charmed and intrigued generations of Basque readers. With an insightful sense of the atmosphere of the traditional Basque village in a time not so long past, the reader is invited here to spend a thrilling fifteen days in Urgain. 

ISBN 978-1-935709-57-2