Far Western Basque Country

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Far Western Basque Country

by Asun Garikano

The experience of Basque immigrants to the United States has come in
many shapes and forms, and Asun Garikano takes nearly all of them
into account in this comprehensive look at the lives of the ordinary
men and women who made the brave journey to the US West in search
of a better life. Although their experiences were very diverse, one
commonality was the aid they received from fellow Basques. They were
often met at the dock in New York City with the familiar sound of their
language and helped to find a place on the transcontinental train with
their names and destinations pinned to their coats. They worked at
ranches, farms and businesses often owned by people from their same
hometowns. They found conversation, fellowship, and cheer at
boardinghouses where they shared the games, drinks, language, and
food of their homeland. In Far Western Basque Country these and
many other stories are told about the individual immigrants that made
up the Basque diaspora in the United States. Some stayed, some
returned, some lost money, some became rich and powerful. They
adopted their new homeland and its ways. They fought in its wars,
celebrated its highs and suffered its lows, but in the face of it, they all
remained Basque.

ISBN 978-1-935709-78-7

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