Building Time: The Relatus in Frank Gehry's Architecture

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Building Time: The Relatus in Frank Gehry's Architecture

By Iñaki Begiristain

By means of architectural "memory," imaginary times and distant pasts and places have been reinvented by different approaches to the question of authenticity, some of which are based on fictions, as for example, in Walt Disney's famous castle. The heart of this book is the study of three of Frank Gehry's architectural projects. In these projects he creates fresh ubieties -- ways of being in places -- in a city where historical memory is absent, Los Angeles. The author posits that these projects are more than isolated designs but are in fact reflections on how to build a city in time. The author proposes a fresh perspective on Gehry's project based on the idea that he calls the relatus, or narration. The author argues that the results have the structure of literary narration; that reality is stitched together with the thread of a cohesive argument. And while they of course do not re-create all aspects of "reality," they do make up a coherent whole.

ISBN 978-1-935709-50-3

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