Building the Basque City: The Political Economy of Nation-Building

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Building the Basque City: The Political Economy of Nation-Building

The book presents a novel perspective in which the Spanish state formation and Basque nationalism develop in complex ways of antagonism and complementarity. The book questions the very notion of the Basque Country and its implications in the new global context. It examines critically some of the key institutions, territories, social practices and collective representations that historically have constituted the Basque Country. One of the most contentious current projects in the articulation of the Basque territory, conflating opposing political agendas and economic outlooks, is the High Speed Train.  The author studies this project in depth to come up with valid lessons regarding the need for infrastructural development and communication between the Basque region, Spain and the European Union. The value of the work rests in her simultaneously viewing the need for inter-dependencies as well as the resulting social conflicts and strategic contradictions emerging from various constituencies. Beyond her Basque region, this work has relevant implications for a better articulation of the Spanish state in the new European context. Her analysis deals with the core issues of the current debates on city renewal, the globalization of the economy and culture, and the redefinition of the basic political and financial institutions. Her work has a bearing on new urbanism, cultural studies, Spanish society, and European infrastructures.

ISBN 978-1-935709-04-6

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