Basque/European Perspectives on Cultural and Media Studies (Hardcover)

Basque/European Perspectives on Cultural and Media Studies (Hardcover)

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Edited by María Pilar Rodríguez.
(No. 17 Occasional Papers Series)

In articles ranging from the meteorological predictions of early Basque newspapers, to the “bog bodies” and liminal spaces of the Danish countryside, to the contested space of the contemporary Spanish department in U.S. universities, to the experience of queer studies in Finland, the contributors to this book explore the meanings of media and culture in informative and perceptive ways, opening avenues to new and exciting ways of looking at the world.

The multiple and varied interactions between Basque and European cultures have been historically explored from political, social, economic and anthropological perspectives. Although several books, articles and reviews have been published on the topic, the intention of the present work is to offer a series of reflections on Basque and European cultures through the lens of cultural and media studies. In this volume, several authors focus on the contribution of the cultural studies project to European academic contexts beyond traditional Anglo-American venues. They portray the difficult negotiations and, in some cases, even open resistance that these studies pose in certain contexts, but at the same time, the articles included here are living proof of a relevant presence in our universities and in our lives. This work, then, attempts to superimpose cultures and disiciplines that are often kept in fixed categories. The sixteen chapters that make up the book are divided into six sections: Basque Cultural Production, Basque Texts and Contexts: The Basque Press, European Texts and Contexts, European Case Studies, and Spanish Disciplines and Cultural Studies.

2009, ISBN 978-1-877802-86-7, $44.95 USD