Basque Culture: Anthropological Perspectives (Paperback)

Center for Basque Studies

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Basque Culture: Anthropological Perspectives (Paperback)

by William A. Douglass and Joseba Zulaika.

The present volume is a textbook regarding Basque Anthropology intended for use in both the classroom and in on-line instruction. Co-authors William A. Douglass and Joseba Zulaika are both social anthropologists and each has served as director of the Center for Basque Studies of the University of Nevada, Reno. They have co-published on occasion. Basque Anthropology: Anthropological Perspectives incorporates the class notes (and additional materials) of the two authors, compiled over several decades. The intent is to present an overview of Basque prehistory, linguistics, and physical and social/cultural anthropology, illustrated in part by their personal experiences as anthropological fieldworkers and Basque scholars.

535 pp., photos, index; paper (ISBN 978-1-877802-64-5) $19.95.

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