A Question of Trust: Beyond Emotional Intelligence

A Question of Trust: Beyond Emotional Intelligence

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“This work stresses the importance for managers of being supported by their teams-whichconsist of individuals whose trust must be earned.”

— Juan Bautista Genua, General Manager for Manufacturing, Alco, S.A.

“The author delves into the analysis of approaches and values for a new era, through a finely-tuned examination of organisations.”

— Javier Retegui, Former rector of Mondragon University, Basque Co untry, Spain.

“This is required reading for every manager seeking the effectiveness and creativity of the group and its automation in these times of maximum competition.”

— Francisco Zeberio, CEO of Frenos lruiia S. Coop.

  • A manager is a manager of people; he works with people and for people; he cannot do anything important without other people . . . Is there an issue that he must deal with and worry about before people?
  • A group tends to take more risks than the average member of the group would when deciding individually.
  • There is a significantly positive correlation between happiness and creativity; we are more creative if we are in a good mood because we are predisposed to trusting and opening up to change.
  • To achieve success, we must have dreamed it.
  • In a culture of trust, criticism flows freely, avoiding critical errors by management.
  • Without trust there is no motivation or involvement; without creativity there is no perception of opportunities or effective prospects, and without them there will be no success for the organisation or for the individual.

Demanding high standards is highly motivating if this is in an atmosphere of trust and involvement.

ISBN 978-8-8416701-17-9