Oui Oui Oui of the Pyrenees

Center for Basque Studies

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Oui Oui Oui of the Pyrenees

Children's Book

Five-year-old Maite Echeto and her mother are Basques who live in the Basque Country of France while they are waiting to join Maite's father, who is making his fortune in the American West. Visiting their farmer cousins on a cold Easter day, Maite meets Oui Oui Oui, a quite remarkable little goslin, the only good egg out of fourteen. With the advice of good Farmer August and wise Justine, and the help of her mother, Maite adopts the goslin. Together, they embark on a series of adventures, filled with colorful Basques and others, that changes both their lives forever. 

ISBN 978-1-895709-26-8

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