Garmendia And the Black Rider

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Garmendia And the Black Rider

By Kirmen Uribe, Illustrations by Mikel Valverde Tejedor, Translated by Nere Lete

 Garmendia and the Black Rider, a children’s adventure story set in the Old Wild West. Authored by the celebrated Basque poet and novelist Kirmen Uribe and richly illustrated by Mikel Valverde. Garmendia is our first book in the Angeles Arrien Foundation for Cross-Cultural Education and Research Series, a series that owes its existence to a generous bequest from this same foundation. So saddle up folks, and ride along with famed Basque gunslinger Garmendia. As well-known as Billy the Kid, Jesse James, or Wyatt Earp back in the day, in this lively page-turner Garmendia is pursued by evil Tidy Harry–who runs Clean City–and his henchmen Rat and Bat. Will Garmendia survive? And who is the mysterious Black Rider?

ISBN 978-1-935709-64-0

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