Amatxi, Amuma, Amona: Writings in Honor of Basque Women (Hardcover)

Amatxi, Amuma, Amona: Writings in Honor of Basque Women (Hardcover)

  • $25.00

Linda White and Cameron Watson, eds.
(Occasional Papers Series, 8)

This publication brings together 11 essays on Basque women—their personal and collective stories—from the Basque Country of Europe to Basque settlements in the American West, Latin America, and Australia. This diverse collection focuses on identity, specifically Basque identity, together with the contributions of these women to their communities and to the maintenance of their culture.

As the introduction states, “Basque women have played strong diverse roles within their cultures, both that of the Basque Country and that of the Basque community spread throughout the world. The voices that have contributed to this volume pay homage to those roles in different ways. We begin with two works of fiction by Basque-American writers, each recounting a tale of childhood shaped by Basque grandmothers. The other writings are loosely arranged to carry us from fiction to personal recollection and finally to the purely academic.”

2003, $25.00 (cloth)

ISBN 978-1-877802-09-3