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A Twelvemonth's Campaign with Zumalacarregui

Center for Basque Studies

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A Twelvemonth's Campaign with Zumalacarregui
“In times of civil warfare, generally, men’s virtues and vices
are seen in extremes.” The words of well-traveled military
adventurer Charles Frederick Henningsen capture both
the nature of war, and, in many ways, his own life. The son
of Swedish immigrants born in 1815, this “Englishman by
naturalization” spent his life wandering from one country
and cause to another, often taking part in those most cruel
of conflicts—civil wars. This book traces the first of these
experiences he had: his involvement in the First Carlist
War (1833–39) between the spring of 1834 and summer of
1835. Henningsen describes his experiences fighting with
the Carlist side in the course of just over a year at the outset
of the conflict. But the book is more than just an account of
a military campaign. Among other things, it is a reflection
on the nature of war itself, an eyewitness study of military
leadership in the figure of the charismatic Carlist leader
Tomás Zumalacarregui, and an observation of the Basque
Country—its landscape, people, and customs—in the early

decades of the nineteenth century.

ISBN 978-1-935709-48-0

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